2024 goed begonnen met grote projecten

Powerspex is het jaar goed gestart met een aantal nieuwe projecten, waaronder Bio Energy Coevorden en Air Liquide. Bio Energy Coevorden Voor Bio Energy Coevorden is Powerspex bezig met het ontwerp voor de uitbreiding van de vergistinginstallatie. Bio Energy is al een van de grootste bioinstallatie van Nederland en door de huidige uitbreiding stijgt de […]

At the controls: Jonathan Ravenhorst

Jonathan Ravenhorst at the controls Powerspex

New edition of our website column. Today at the controls: Jonathan Ravenhorst. Actually he was an auto mechanic but he changed course and is now a student of mechatronics, using Powerspex as his apprenticeship. "I really found my motivation again." Name: Jonathan Ravenhorst Age: 20 Place of residence: Enschede Position at Powerspex: BBL student mechatronics/junior mechanic Since when have you been working at Powerspex [...]

Switching to Syntess for even greater efficiency

Syntess Powerspex

Powerspex has been working with a new ERP system, Syntess, since the new year. This is a hefty change in the organization that is expected to reap many rewards. And you get used to it quickly. Syntess makes organizations more efficient, is the idea behind the ERP system. One system for all work processes, specifically designed for modern technical service providers. The data [...]

Saxion project week: students consider digital dashboard for H2Hub

International Project Week Saxion Powerspex

'Develop a dashboard for the H2Hub'. With that assignment from Powerspex, six student teams set to work during Saxion's International Project Week. During the famous International Project Week, 150 teams work together on assignments. Six of those teams set to work on an assignment for which Powerspex collaborated with the H2Hub in Almelo. To [...]

First package of sleeping bags to Sheltersuit

Sheltersuit collection sleeping bags Powerspex

A large package of sleeping bags will be delivered to the Sheltersuit Foundation. Everyone who contributed: thank you very much. The collection now continues. Powerspex has been a sponsor of the Sheltersuit foundation in Enschede for several years and as an extra effort it collects sleeping bags. These are used as lining for the Sheltersuits, the suits that provide warmth [...].

Present at open days ROC Hengelo & Almelo

Powerspex present at open day ROC van Twente.

Powerspex is present in both Hengelo and Almelo during the ROC van Twente open day. An open day will be held there on Friday, January 26. During the open day, future students will be told about working in technology in general and at Powerspex in particular. Electrical engineering and mechatronics are the courses [...]

Repair work on fire damage Boris Pasternak Amsterdam; tight deadline in sight

Work is currently underway for Vattenfall to repair the fire damage to boiler house Boris Pasternak in Amsterdam. The fire was big in the news last year; the striking building sustained extensive damage. The fire in the auxiliary heating plant started in October 2023 due to still unknown cause. It was a big fire that caused a lot of damage [...].

Jan Wilmink looks back on 2023 & ahead to promising 2024

Dear employees, customers, associates, friends and family, I would like to look back on the past year and look ahead to the coming one. For Powerspex, 2024 will be a year with a full order book as well as the year in which the management is preparing for a change. When I walk out of Powerspex, I see the parking lot full of [...]

Featured: vacant intern HR position

Vacancy! Powerspex has an HR internship position available for a second-year student who wants to participate three days a week in a dynamic, fun and innovative Hengelo-based company. This is your internship This is an internship from February to June/July 2024 for three days a week in the HR department of Powerspex in Hengelo. Interns [...]

Happy New Year wished

Powerspex wishes everyone a wonderful new year! Please continue to follow us this year for our news on LinkedIn, facebook, Instagram and Twitter and of course through our news page www.powerspex.nl/nieuws. We would love to keep you up to date!