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Reference - Simulations

Simulation addition of E-boiler heat buffer & SVI in heat grid

Case study

HVC Dordrecht intends to expand the existing heat network with an E-boiler, a heat buffer and residual heat from sludge incineration and connection to heat network Sliedrecht. In a simulation assignment, the functional design was tested with various future scenarios.

Powerspex assignment

Powerspex was commissioned in this project to test the established process design in combination with the functional specification for the automation using various scenarios. To this end, Powerspex built a simulation process model in Psxcad© of the existing and future heat units (WOS, E-boiler, SVI) the heat buffer and heat transport including the link to the district heating. To this simulation process model the intended controls and controls were added and the assembly of process design and automation was tested against various future scenarios. Through the simulation, the customer gained more insight into the behavior of the expansion of the heat network, the functional specification of the automation was tested and adapted and a basis was laid for the final control and regulation of the heat network, including buffer control and heat transport control. The customer also has a simulation model in which future operations can be visualized, the behavior and operation can be introduced to parties (e.g. contractor automation) and future adjustments and expansions can be validated. In addition, the simulation model is a good basis for introduction training to operators.

Project data

Site: Dordrecht
Year: 2021
Client: HVC
Sector: Heating


  • Simulation model
  • Review Functional Specification.
  • Setting up Regulation Heat Transport Pumps
  • Set up E-boiler buffer scheme