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Looking back: 25 years of Powerspex celebrated big with anniversary weekend

It is with great pleasure that we look back on Powerspex's anniversary weekend. The Beekse Bergen was overrun by a host of "Powerspexers" last weekend. Not only employees, but also their loved ones and children were invited to celebrate Powerspex's 25th anniversary. The result: 220 Powerspexers traveled from Hengelo and Veenendaal to Hilvarenbeek to [...]

25 years of Powerspex celebrated with anniversary weekend in Beekse Bergen

Jubilee weekend Vlieland 2017

To celebrate Powerspex's 25th anniversary, the anniversary weekend is coming up. About 250 guests are going to enjoy a weekend of a fully catered package at safari park the Beekse Bergen. Actually, the anniversary weekend was supposed to be celebrated last year but due to corona rules it was extremely uncertain whether it could all go ahead. When [...]