At the controls: Lars Arens

Second edition of website column "At the Buttons. Hardware engineer Lars Arens pushes the buttons today and answers the questions that appear.

At the controls: Lars Arens

Name: Lars Arens
Age: 22
Residence: Lattrop
Marital status: relation with Janne
Function at Powerspex: hardware engineer

Since when have you been working at Powerspex and how did you get there?

"In September 2021, I started my internship at Powerspex and exactly one year later, in September 2022, I joined the company. During my internship, I was also a Saturday and vacation worker. So during my internship period, I was at Powerspex six days a week for almost a year."

What was the topic of your graduate studies?

"The standardization in hardware in terms of setting up e-schemes of control panels. I studied HBO electrical engineering and the second half-year internship was for my graduation project. I got an 8 for it. Assignment passed."

Would you recommend working at Powerspex to others?

"Definitely. Everyone here gets the chance to do what they like and they are helped to do it. Besides, it's not too structured here; we have a lot of freedom in our work."

What is the story behind the switch box in the photo?

"That was my first internship assignment. It's the switch box that was made for the parking garage at Arnhem station. It controls the ventilation, alarm system and the like. Soon the cabinet will go to the site."

'For almost a year I was working at Powerspex six days a week'

Who is your favorite colleague? And your favorite customer?

"My favorite colleague? Everyone in the hardware department. I don't have a favorite customer yet. In any case, it's a customer who clearly knows what he wants."

If you hadn't been a hardware engineer, what profession would you have wanted to be in?

"An exact profession I cannot specify, but then I would have studied structural or mechanical engineering. Then my profession would have been easier to explain than it is now. In electrical engineering, it is difficult to explain exactly what we do. But that unknown is exactly what I find interesting about it."

Do you take your work home with you? Be honest: what is controlled by a PLC in your home?

"Zero, nothing. I live in a house with very ordinary switches. And I certainly don't take my work with me. They can always call, though."

We do now work with the switchboard as a symbol of work at Powerspex, but how often do you actually work with it?

"As a Saturday and vacation worker I worked with them a lot, nowadays I design them and work with them when I go with the mechanics during the first days of a project."

'May Powerspex, despite growing rapidly, remain a cozy company'

What do you do in your spare time?

"I play soccer in the first team of DTC'07 as a midfielder. Last year we were promoted to the fourth division and now we're on top again. I myself was injured lately, so I didn't play for a while. Now I'm playing with the second team again. They are also on top. It's going well there. All the guys who keep playing soccer together and keep getting better. Nowadays they take into account the Sunday game on Saturday evening; that also helps.
I am also a board member of the PJO, Lattrop's youth association. Last October we celebrated the 10th anniversary with a big Oktoberfest for the whole village."

What do you wish for Powerspex in the future?

"That despite growing rapidly, it remains a cozy company."

Glad you wanted to be second behind this switchboard. You may now think of one question for the person whose turn it is next.

"What other position at Powerspex do you think would be interesting to fill?"

Then, of course, you must now answer the question Werner came up with for you in the previous edition of this column: What inspires you to work at Powerspex?

"That you are constantly learning and that no day is the same. You have freedom there to do a lot yourself, from making appointments with customers to placing orders; the work is nicely varied that way."


At the controls

At the Buttons is Powerspex's new website column. Each month, a Powerspex employee takes a seat behind the specially built switchboard. With each push of a button, a question appears on the screen for him to answer honestly. Pressed the buttons, interview posted? Then the interviewee's name is immortalized on the switch box. When all the workers have been, the box is full. But that will take some time...
Werner Heβ had the scoop: he was the first to press the buttons on the Powerspex switch box. You can read his story here.