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At the controls: William van Velsen

New edition of our website column. Today at the controls: William van Velsen, hardware engineer in Veenendaal, back in the "civilian world" since last year.

Name: William van Velsen
Age: 31
Residence: Ede
Marital status: registered partnership with Sabine
Function: hardware engineer

Since when have you been working at Powerspex and how did you end up there?

"Since October 1, 2022. I first worked in security engineering, then completed my MBO4 degree in industrial automation and was looking for a new challenge. A secondment provider linked me to Powerspex. In my education, I had studied plc programming with Siemens and EPLAN and I wanted to work with those programs. Those programs Powerspex uses both."

William van Velsen at the controls at Powerspex.

Would you recommend working at Powerspex to others?

"Yes. Especially for people with technical training, it's a company where they can develop.
I like it here. Veenendaal is a close-knit club of people and I'm very happy with that."

What is so interesting about your job?

"It's very diverse. Although I work with the same programs each time, I always work for different clients and projects. This makes the work very diverse and challenging."

When is a project a success for you?

"If the customer is satisfied. It's as simple as that. If the customer can appreciate the final product and it is workable for him, then I am happy."

Who is your favorite colleague? And your favorite customer?

"My favorite colleague is Koen Langenkamp, senior hardware engineer. He is my supervisor and the person with whom I work and consult daily.
My favorite customer is Energie voor Elkaar. It provides the heat network for Ede. So my own hometown, although I'm not connected to it myself. I live in such an old neighborhood that it will be some time before they reach my house with their heat network."

If you hadn't been a hardware engineer, what profession would you have wanted to be in?

"Before that, I worked in defense for eight years as an advanced search specialist and I probably still would have done that. But I just wanted to get back into the civilian world and work in engineering; hence the training and move to Powerspex."

Do you take your work home with you? Be honest: what is controlled by a PLC in your home?

"Here, nothing at all is controlled by a PLC; nothing in our house is automated. We even have a door knocker instead of a bell.
But I do take my work home with me; then I can still learn about EPLAN in the evenings so I can expand my knowledge on that."

What do you do in your spare time?

"With running and fitness. I participated in the Amsterdam marathon; my first marathon. Other than that, I like doing fun things with my girlfriend. Weekends away, shopping, visiting friends."

What do you wish for Powerspex in the future?

"May Powerspex continue to do well and grow nicely so that it remains a great company for technicians."

Now for the question that your predecessor in this column Jouke Dassen came up with for you: How do you manage to combine work and private life? We all want so much at once these days; doing things in our spare time and working hard. How do you do that?

"By seizing the moments. If Sabine is doing something else for a while, I'll go back to work. I don't need to watch TV so much; better to grab my laptop for a while."

You can now come up with one question for the person whose turn it is next.

"What is your vision for Powerspex? What would you like the company to look like in 10 years?"

At the controls

At the Buttons is the website section of Powerspex. Every month, a Powerspex employee takes place behind the purpose-built control cabinet. With each push of a button, a question appears on the screen to which he must give an honest answer. Pressed the buttons, posted an interview? Then the name of the interviewee is immortalized on the control box. When all the employees have been there, the cupboard is full. But that will take a while...

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