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E-Wood biomass boiler in Belgium: largest Powerspex project to date

Work is currently underway on the E-Wood project in Doel (B), where Powerspex is working on its largest project to date.

E-Wood is being built at the Indaver site in Doel (between Antwerp and Zeeland), just across the border in Belgium. It will be an innovative waste-to-energy plant that converts wood waste into energy. E-Wood can process about 150 000 to 180 000 tons of uncontaminated treated wood waste annually, generating green energy. It uses wood waste that cannot be recycled but can serve as green fuel.

Entire installation by Powerspex

Powerspex is tasked with providing the entire electrical installation for the biomass boiler, starting with the 11 kVA transformer. That means installing ladder tracks, pulling cables, supplying instrumentation, delivering orders in conjunction with Yokogawa and assisting with commissioning. The panels were built in Powerspex's workshop.

Through to April

The project has been underway for over a year now and is still ongoing. It required a lot of engineering initially, followed by construction. Currently, Powerspex is in the process of making it as-built and commissioning the whole thing. The project will continue until about April.

Powerspex's team in Antwerp consists of Tristan Roebersen, Peter Wolbers, Jan Mentink, Herman Hazekamp, Robin van Keulen and Quinten Hakkers. Bart Koekkoek is the project manager.

Best learning experience

For Quinten Hakkers, it is a special project: joined Powerspex and went straight to the project as a mechanic E&I.
"On my first day as an employee of Powerspex, I was able to go straight to Doel," laughs Hakkers. "There I had my first day of work on May 2. Work will continue until the end of April and then I will have been here for a year. For me, this is really the best project to start with. It's a beautiful, big project and incredibly versatile. I learn a lot about a lot of subjects here, because Powerspex is involved in all facets. Here I can really develop as an engineer."

What's it like to be away from home for a year? "I have no trouble with that. We've explored the area a bit and in the evenings I can go to the gym; it's nearby. But mostly we've been working a lot."

Quinten Hakkers E-Wood

Biggest project to date

For project manager Koekkoek, it was a challenging project: "We enjoyed working on this project. The cooperation with the customer was pleasant. Nice that an experienced team worked on it and that they transfer their knowledge to the newest generation. E-Wood is not just another project. E-Wood is Powerspex's biggest project to date."