Powerspex family day: one big Powerspex family

An overwhelming turnout at the Powerspex family day. There appeared to be a lot of interest. "Family members apparently want to see what Powerspex does. Well, they were of warm welcome."

Family Day was held Friday at Powerspex in Hengelo. Employees took their family members for a tour of the premises and explained the various facets of the company.

"We had no idea beforehand how many people would come to the family day. The interest was greater than we imagined. Our employees not only brought their children and parents; we also saw grandparents and uncles and aunts - and number of acquaintances. Very nice that everyone was so interested," said Gerko Dubbink.

Powerspex family

The idea of the family day fits right in with the character Powerspex wants to portray: a professional company that operates (inter)nationally but still provides a family feel.

Business partners

There were also business partners who participated in the family day. Stork Thermeq had offered a burner on loan to demonstrate combustion technology.

Also on display was the internship project at Pakhuis Twente in Albergen. In it, students are given the task of automating a mini-brewery with PsxCad, Powerspex's own simulation tool.

In addition, Host and Damen' s projects were on-site for viewing.

Mad Science

Powerspex is a young company. With many employees with young children, which is why fun activities were arranged for them as well. A bouncy castle is always fun, but extra special was the lego car ride and the presence of Mad Science Netherlands. Through the madam of Mad Science, the children were shown all kinds of experiments to discover the secrets of electricity.


Dubbink concludes, "Everyone at Powerspex gave a fantastic effort to make this afternoon a success. Thank you very much."

Powerspex famliedag 2022