At the controls: Jitze de Jong

New edition of our website section. Jitze de Jong is at the Controls today. His predecessor at the controls was Wim Noltes (the oldest employee) and he chose a question for the youngest employee.

Jitze de Jong At the Controls at Powerspex.

Name: Jitze de Jong
Age: 21
Place of residence: Hengelo
Marital status: relationship with Lotte
Job Title: E&I Mechanic

Since when have you been working at Powerspex and how did you end up there?

"I studied mechatronics at the ROC van Twente in Hengelo – the Gieterij – and went on an internship in my third year. A colleague from a part-time job recommended Powerspex as an internship address. That was a good tip because I stuck around. After my internship, Kevin called to ask if I wanted to become a Saturday worker. When my studies were finished, I was able to go into service. That happened on September 1, 2022."

Would you recommend working at Powerspex to others?

"Definitely. The working atmosphere is good. I get along well with my colleagues. It's friendly. This applies to the workshop, but also to the relationships between office and workshop. Sometimes you work in a team, sometimes alone. Both are fine."

What is so interesting about your job?

"I also did internships at installation companies. There, you often end up in homes and residential construction, while Powerspex works in industry and power plants. The bigger work, that's what I like to do."

When is a project a success for you?

"If, after a project, we go through the project with the customer on location and he indicates that he is satisfied. It's always good to do that on the spot; Then the customer can indicate points for improvement. That provides insight for next time."

Who is your favorite colleague? And your favorite customer?

"That's tricky. As a colleague, I would like to point out Lars Wilde; A peer that I often meet outside of work, at festivals.
As my favorite customer, I say AEB Amsterdam. Very interesting to experience how different the working atmosphere is there. A bit rough, very direct. Different from what we are used to here. It's nice to work at a completely different location."

If you hadn't been a mechanic, what profession would you have wanted to do?

"I would have worked in transport and logistics; Planning and arranging in the office."

Do you take your work home with you? Be honest: what is controlled by a PLC in your home?

"No, I don't take my work home with me. Not yet. Maybe later when I get more responsibilities.
And I don't have PLCs at home. With me, just light switches. Nice and simple."

What do you do in your spare time?

"I love going to festivals, especially hardcore festivals. Intents, Masters of Hardcore, Snakepit. We have to drive a long way for it; almost all of them are in Brabant.
I also like to go out with friends. Out in Hengelo, taking the party bus to festivals and on holiday."

What do you wish for Powerspex in the future?

"A positive growth as far as Powerspex itself deems it appropriate. Jan Wilmink put it well: the way things are going now, things are actually going very well. I hope for fun work for me and my colleagues with great customers. That's what it's all about."

Now for the question that your predecessor in this column, Wim Noltes, has come up with for you: how do you think we can involve even more young people in Powerspex?

"I myself came to Powerspex through an internship and that seems like the most logical way to do it. If Powerspex presents itself well at schools and actively recruits trainees there, many will probably stick around. I am talking about vocational training, not secondary school. I think it works best if someone has already chosen a field of study."

You can now come up with one question for the person whose turn it is next.

"Do you think you get enough appreciation for your work? From both customers and colleagues?"

At the controls

At the Buttons is the website section of Powerspex. Every month, a Powerspex employee takes place behind the purpose-built control cabinet. With each push of a button, a question appears on the screen to which he must give an honest answer. Pressed the buttons, posted an interview? Then the name of the interviewee is immortalized on the control box. When all the employees have been there, the cupboard is full. But that will take a while...

Today, Jitze de Jong took a seat behind the control cabinet. In the previous editions these were Wim Noltes, Lars Arens, and Werner Heβ.