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Bas Hupjé new simulation engineering colleague

Powerspex has a new colleague. Bas Hupjé (23) from Overdinkel joined Powerspex simulation engineering on April 1. Hupjé recently graduated from Saxion where he studied chemical engineering.

Bas Hupjé Powerspex simulation engineer

How did you come up with that study?

"In high school I was advised to do something with chemistry in particular. I chose to study engineering physics, but after my switch to chemical engineering my interests in physics and chemistry came together. Chemistry alone was not interesting enough; the combination of physics and chemistry suits me better.
What I also like about chemical engineering: work is done on a larger scale. This is also about tons of production, in that order size. In that respect, I am in my place at Powerspex, with customers like Twence."

Where did you complete your graduate internship?

"At the Hygenesys project, where a hydrogen generation system for the hydrogen hub in Almelo is being developed. For my graduation project, I made a start on the simulation model for the electrolyser."

How did you end up at Powerspex?

"Powerspex is involved with Hygenesys. At one point I had an issue I was running into. Thijs Mangelsdorf said 'Come over anyway, I'll help you with it,' and that's how I got a tour of Powerspex. Maarten Rinket indicated that graduate students in chemical engineering and related studies were always welcome at Powerspex. Let me give it a try, I thought. It worked out well because I have been working there since April 1."

How do you like it so far?

"I've been working for two months now and I really like it. Everyone is friendly, the work is varied and no day is the same."


Bas, we wish you a lot of fun at work. Welcome to Powerspex!