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Featured: vacancies for hardware engineers in Hengelo and Veenendaal

For the hardware engineer position, Powerspex currently has two vacancies open. At both the Hengelo and Veenendaal locations, the vacancy is open. "Intended for hardware engineers who have more in more in their abilities and thus aspire to a unique, varied job."

More than draughtsman

What kind of colleague are you hoping for? "For a hardware engineer who has been around for a while and has more to offer than he can show in his current job," says hardware engineering manager Max Kuipers. "After all, he will have that opportunity at Powerspex."

A hardware engineer at Powerspex does much more than just draw. Kuipers: "He is the linchpin between sales and assembly. Someone who is involved in the entire project from start to finish. And that is quite unique for this job. It makes the job varied and challenging."

What will your working day look like?

"We start between 7:30 and 8:30. Greet your colleagues first; very important. The hardware engineers form a young team; most of the colleagues are between 25 and 35 years old, although there are also people over 70 working full time. A nice mix. The atmosphere is good, cozy. On Mondays, we first go over the weekend and the soccer matches with each other, then we go to work.

The nature of the work varies daily. The specification and purchase of the necessary materials, coordination and supervision of the assembly, consultation with sales, discussions with customers, project management: the work is different every day. Of course, as an engineer you will be busy designing electrical controls, we do this with E-plan.

Furthermore, we have at least one departmental outing every year, in addition to all of Powerspex's parties. We also regularly visit trade fairs, suppliers and customers. Everything to keep up with the latest technological developments and to create a good atmosphere together in the department," Kuipers concludes.

Two locations

Powerspex has two locations; Hengelo and Veenendaal. Location Veenendaal is currently being renovated. The new colleague will work in a renovated building with a spacious workshop.
Hardware engineers for both locations are welcome to apply for this position.


Do you want to apply? Take a look at the vacancy here. We look forward to receiving your application.

More vacancies

Powerspex highlights a vacancy every Friday. Today hardware engineer in Hengelo and Veenendaal. The previous four vacancies were software engineer, electrical and instrumentation engineer, PCS7 software engineer and panel builder.

At werkenbijpowerspex.nl you can find an overview of all vacancies.